Eodyne is a R+D company born as a spin-off company of the research group SPECS at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Catalan Institute of Advanced Studies in Barcelona, Spain.

Our team has expertise in developing and validating technologies in different domains linked to the long track record of SPECS research areas of interest which include neurorehabilitation, research tools in neuroscience and humanities, human robot interaction.

In particular Eodyne is specialised in advanced interactive systems and technologies for virtual and augmented reality, ambient and wearable sensors, robotics, machine perception, cognitive processes and user experience.

Eodyne’s flagship product is the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS), a science-based neuro-rehabilitation solution for the integrated treatment of deficits resulting from brain damage. RGS has been validated in a large number of clinical studies and is used daily in a number of hospitals for the treatment of stroke patients.

Our goal is to distribute RGS world-wide with the objectives to increase the quality of life of people that have suffered from brain damage and help them maintain self-sustainability at an accessible cost level.