Nanomol Technologies

NANOMOL Technologies S.A., born in UAB Research Park by the end of 2010, is a spin-off company co-founded by researchers of Nanomol research group of the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona ICMAB-CSIC and Networking Center on Biomedical Research CIBER-BBN. This group belongs to TECNIO network, the brand name created by Catalan Agency ACC1Ó to join Catalan research groups with strongest activities in applied research and technology transfer.

NANOMOL Technologies was awarded in 2011 with a special mention in the EXPOQUIMIA R+D+I awards to the best business projects from academia.

NANOMOL Technologies aims to commercially exploit the technologies generated by researchers of NANOMOL group in the last decade. This research group has developed a simple, reproducible and easy scalable Technology Platform named DELOS, based on the use of CO2-expanded solvents and supercritical fluids to prepare micro-and nanoparticulate materials and multifunctional nanovesicle-bioactive conjugates, with application to the development of new nanomedicine candidates.

Main objectives of NANOMOL technologies in its first years have been:

  • To commercialize proprietary technology platforms by generation of new drug delivery systems and nanomedicine candidates for preclinial and clinical development.
  • To Engineer and scale-up methodologies developed at lab-scale following Pharma Industry requirements (GMP compliance)