In the course of large-scale proteomics projects, millions of peptide ion collision spectra (MS/MS) may be generated, which must be matched to theoretical spectrum models inferred from known peptide sequences to identify proteins. A number of database search engines using different scoring systems have been and are being developed to this end. Scientists at the National Center for Biotechnology have developed a generalized meta-search process that, by integrating partial evidence from any number and type of such database search engines into a single consensus reconstruction, remarkably increases the number of proteins identified. The process may be extended by integration of additional sources of information besides primary search engine results.

Proteobotics was created on 04/03/2013 by Antonio Ramos, a Scientist from Dr. Juan Pablo Albar’s Group. It is specialized on identifying peptides and proteins from mass spectrometry data. The Company has gained on 2014 an Innovation Award from Fundación Alberto Elzaburu.