Person looking eye close-up Resuscitating eyes to speed up clinical research in vision impairment 04.06.2021

An international consortium of researchers from five countries proposes a new method to bring eyes back to life for experimental purposesThe project has been awarded a sum of over 3.5 million euros to develop a device that will keep donor eyes alive for close to 15 times longer than is currently possibleThis development is expected […]

UPF-CRG Barcelona - iGEM 2018 Team Young researchers engineer a prospective life-saving bacterium – a possible metastatasis prevention probiotic 26.07.2019

A group of students take their baptism in research: they develop a proof of concept for a probiotic to prevent cancer metastasisThe young researchers engineer a bacteria to take up and consume long-chain fatty acids, a major risk factor for metastasisFurther development could eventually have this idea give the leap into a real application saving […]

Dry Maize Plants A discovery aimed at alleviating famine 04.07.2019

Research team led by CRAG researcher Ana Caño-Delgado obtains plants resistant to water scarcityA modification of the steroid hormone signalling enables to obtain a drought resistant plant without affecting plant growthResearchers work to translate this advance to cereals and horticultural species Drought and its impact Extreme drought episodes and heatwaves are among the effects of […]

Dinosaurs in the open Size of ancient animals inferred from resurrected proteins 03.05.2018

The prestigious journal Nature Structural and Molecular Biology has published a piece of research conducted by CIC nanoGUNE researchers. They have experimentally reconstructed titin fragments from their common ancestors and measured their mechanochemical properties. They have discovered a correlation between the properties of the protein measured on a nanoscale and animal size. The Ikerbasque researcher Raúl […]

E. coli bacteria New DNA error repair machinery – opening prospects in biomedicine and industry 09.04.2018

An article published in Nature Communications shows that some microorganisms have a hitherto unknown system for detection and correction of errors in the genetic material. This mechanism prevents some bacteria, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, from easily developing resistance to antibiotics. This research opens the door to the development of new strategies to combat antibiotic resistance […]