Caretta caretta Western Mediterranean loggerhead turtle Plastic additives in muscle tissue of Western Mediterranean Sea turtles 27.07.2021

Chemical additives associated with plastics are detected for the first time accumulated in the muscles of loggerhead turtles in the Catalan and Balearic coasts.The concentration levels of chemical additives found in the turtles are higher than in other species of marine animals, such as dolphins and whales.This study shows that plastic pollution goes beyond the […]

ModMol Screenshots Modmol: an App for the study of molecules 19.03.2021

Chemistry students, or more widely, students of disciplines in which understanding the structure of a molecule plays a significant role often can find difficulty in understanding the implications of a certain chemical structure. This is particularly true for students in early stages, to which visualizing those molecules interactively can be greatly beneficial. To aid the […]

Plant silhouette against the sunlight LICROX: €3 million and 3 years to convert CO₂ and sunlight into solar fuels 22.01.2021

The LICROX Project ambitions to make a key contribution towards EU climate neutrality in 2050 via the creation of an efficient artificial photosynthesis system.One of the challenges of the project works is the development of enhanced photoelectrochemical cells that improve upon existing systems.The impact areas of LICROX include clean power generation and the generation of […]

Car in the nature Carriers for catalyst particles: bystanders or active players after all? 31.05.2019

Found weak spot of catalysts used to remove toxic car exhaust gasesInert supports to catalyst converters have a paradoxically non-neutral effectThe finding will help improve and extend lifespan of catalysts used to convert car exhaust gases A new catalytic effect A catalytic effect has been discovered that may contribute to enhance the effectiveness of catalytic […]

Chemical Factory - Antwerpen (Belgium) Chemical changes… directed by mechanical forces 24.05.2019

Researchers find a new factor influencing the outcome of chemical reactionsMechanical stress is found to be capable of directing the reactions towards different productsThis discovery may have implications in fields as nanotechnology, engineering, as well as chemistry and biochemistry A collaboration from the Ruhr region to Barcelona A study with the participation of the University […]

Showing a CO₂-filtering membrane Orchestra Scientific: a new spin-off to capture CO₂ 18.04.2018

Last year, ICIQ researchers discovered a blue material capable of ‘trapping’ CO₂ molecules. This new material –a metal-organic framework– slows down CO₂ molecules, allowing the separation of carbon dioxide in a mixture of gases. Now, researchers will commercialise said technology with a new spin-off company – Orchestra Scientific. Even shortly after Orchestra kicked off, it […]

Equipo-ICIQ-Hoyo-Wang-Herraiz-Suero Interstellar molecules inspire new transformations 15.02.2018

Back in the 1930s, astronomers detected one of the first molecules in interstellar space – carbynes. The simplest carbyne, formed by carbon and hydrogen only, is nowadays considered one of the most basic ingredients for life. Despite the impact these molecules could have in synthesis, they had eluded chemists for years. But now, researchers at […]