Support to senior individuals Long-term care and the family 22.02.2019

Family has traditionally played an important role in providing care to the elderly everywhere in the World. However, ageing societies and the increase in female labour-force participation are putting pressure on governments to take a more active role in senior population care. When policymakers consider reform scenarios, it is of utmost importance that they take […]

Charles Chaplin - "The Kid" The Transmission of Inequality Across Generations 19.02.2019

With socio-economic inequality a major public concern, researchers have long been interested in measuring how persistent inequalities are between generations. Do the descendants from successful families tend to remain successful? Or is there ‘intergenerational mobility’, such that an individual’s origin is not a prime determinant of his or her socio-economic status? A study by Jan […]

Pensioner protests Risk expert Montse Guillen: pensions will inevitably be lower in the future 27.04.2018

Risk expert Montse Guillen has strong opinions about pensions. She notes that the current pension system in Spain and in many other western countries is mathematically unsustainable and believes it should be totally redesigned, giving more responsibility to the individuals. The key factors that make it unbalanced are increasing life-expectancies, low salaries and the need […]

Profs. Durante and Penta, ERC awardees ERC Starting Grants awarded to Profs. Ruben Durante and Antonio Penta 04.02.2018

A total of 20 competitive grants from the European Research Council have been awarded to current Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors. Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors have been awarded ERC Starting Grants in the latest call from the European Research Council. They are Prof. Ruben Durante (UPF and BGSE) for the project, “Independence and quality of mass Media in […]