Wearables will benefit greatly from supercapacitors Magnetic Supercapacitors, new hybrid materials for energy storage 14.05.2018

In the framework of an ERC proof-of-concept European Project, Magnetic Supercapacitors, new hybrid materials for energy storage based on graphene and magnetic nanoparticles, have been developed. The rapid increase in energy demand in recent years has accelerated the search for low-cost alternatives for energy storage and conversion. Currently, batteries are still considered as the dominating […]

Different kinds of batteries Towards calcium-based batteries 23.04.2018

The development of a rechargeable battery technology using light electropositive metal anodes would bring in a breakthrough in energy density. For divalent charge carriers (M2+), the number of ions that must react to achieve a certain electrochemical capacity is diminished by two when compared to Li+. This would allow for the design of higher energy […]

Offshore oil and gas extraction platform SONAR – Nanotechnology for the Oil & Gas industry 18.04.2018

The first stage of the SONAR project (Strategic Opportunities of Nanotechnology Applications in Repsol) was completed in 2015 with a closing session held at the Repsol Technology Research Centre (Móstoles, Madrid). A stimulating series of talks given by both IMDEA and Repsol scientists summarised the findings of the project reinforcing the importance of nanotechnology research […]

Superconductor Tape Generator Superconductors to improve energy efficiency 16.02.2018

The Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) group has participated in the EU-funded project EUROTAPES, whose main goal is to develop superconducting tapes to improve energy efficiency in Europe. The project, which counts with the participation of excellent researchers in the field, and the involvement of leading global companies and universities, has produced 600 […]