Caretta caretta Western Mediterranean loggerhead turtle Plastic additives in muscle tissue of Western Mediterranean Sea turtles 27.07.2021

Chemical additives associated with plastics are detected for the first time accumulated in the muscles of loggerhead turtles in the Catalan and Balearic coasts.The concentration levels of chemical additives found in the turtles are higher than in other species of marine animals, such as dolphins and whales.This study shows that plastic pollution goes beyond the […]

Priority restoration sites World map Restoring 30% of the World’s Ecosystems in Priority Areas Could Stave Off More than 70% of Projected Extinctions 26.02.2021

A report in Nature involving ICTA-UAB demonstrates that restoring 30 % of World ecosystems would allow to absorb nearly half of the carbon built up in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.The report is the first of its kind to pinpoint the ecosystems that should be restored for the biggest climate and biodiversity benefits at the lowest […]

ERC advanced awards: SOMMa members reap their harvest 10.04.2019

222 ERC advanced grants awarded on Friday 29th March, summing a total of 540 Million EuroFour of the ten grants to Spanish proposals were awarded to SOMMa membersSOMMa members research areas are quantum technologies, atmospheric dynamics and the very early origins of matter along with elusive mathematical model The ERC awards The European Research Council […]

Small dam near Jatashankar temple (Pachmarhi Cantt, India) Payment for environmental services: hurdles for their positive impact 14.03.2019

Researchers suggest that payment for environmental services (PES) may have diminished results due to poor designRendering payment for environmental services a valuable tool to protect the environment, adaptation to cultural and socioeconomic context is keyPressure from population growth and the production of commodities will make economic incentives a vital component of environmental conservation Payment for […]

Baltoro Glacier in the Karakorum range Scientists in expedition to the Himalayas with Alex Txikon 25.02.2019

An expedition to K2 of BC3 with the Basque mountaineer Alex Txikon studies the impact of climate change on the HimalayasThe study of the Baltoro Glacier will contribute to the understanding of the sensitivity debris-covered glaciers to climate changeNovel communication strategies for climate change to be assayed relying on the visibility of the expedition Mountains, […]

As in the Ice Age Ice age thermostat prevented extreme climate cooling 24.04.2018

During the ice ages, an unidentified regulatory mechanism prevented atmospheric CO2 concentrations from falling below a level that could have led to runaway cooling, reports a study conducted by researchers of the ICTA-UAB and published online in Nature Geoscience this week. The study suggests the mechanism may have involved the biosphere, as plants and plankton […]

EJAtlas Map Screenshot EJAtlas – Mapping Socio-Environmental Conflicts Around the World 13.02.2018

The Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas) monitors and maps the distribution of socio-environmental conflicts in the WorldOver 2,500 identified conflicts are currently mappedEJAtlas was launched in 2012 and is co-directed at the ICTA-UAB by Leah Temper and Joan Martínez-Alier What is EJAtlas? The Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas), created by researchers of the ICTA-UAB, is an initiative […]