Surgical Mesh with gold and without gold treatment Light and nanotechnology combine to prevent biofilms on medical implants 12.06.2020

ICFO and B. Braun Surgical develop a new technique that could prevent bacterial contamination and infection in medical implantsThe procedure generates heat via the application of light radiation onto gold nanoparticles on the implantsThis advance may contribute to avoid post-surgery complications, keeping minor surgeries as safe as possible. On surgical meshes, caveats, and how to […]

Radiative heat transfer - AFM_cropped Radiative heat transfer in the extreme near field 07.03.2019

Researchers dispelled doubts regarding a theory key in nanotechnology research and develop.Heat transfer between surfaces of the tested materials exhibit dramatic enhancements when their separation is reduced to only a few nanometersEstablished a firm basis for the future design of novel technologies making use of nanoscale radiative heat transfer. About radiative heat transfer: Radiative heat […]

Dinosaurs in the open Size of ancient animals inferred from resurrected proteins 03.05.2018

The prestigious journal Nature Structural and Molecular Biology has published a piece of research conducted by CIC nanoGUNE researchers. They have experimentally reconstructed titin fragments from their common ancestors and measured their mechanochemical properties. They have discovered a correlation between the properties of the protein measured on a nanoscale and animal size. The Ikerbasque researcher Raúl […]

Autoimmune diseases New spin-off Ahead Therapeutics SL to develop novel therapies for autoimmune diseases 18.04.2018

Ahead Therapeutics SL is the result of a joint research project with a strong nano component between the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP), the ICN2 and ICREA. It was created to advance the development of therapies for autoimmune diseases and pursue their application in a clinical setting. Just a few months in, the […]

IMDEA Research IMDEA Nanociencia leads the research towards a bypass for neural reconnection at the spinal cord level 16.02.2018

IMDEA Nanociencia is coordinating the ByAxon project funded by the European Union through the programme for Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-OPEN, € 3.7 M, 48 months). The consortium consists of four research centres, a hospital and a medium-size company bringing together the expertise from four different European countries (Spain, Italy, France and Germany), and will […]

ICN2 Research A nanophenomenon that triggers the bone-repair process 15.02.2018

Researchers of the ICN2 Oxide Nanophysics Group led by ICREA Prof. Gustau Catalan have resolved one of the great unknowns in bone remodelling: how the cells responsible for forming new bone tissue are called into action. Their work reveals the possible role of an electromechanical phenomenon at the nanoscale, flexoelectricity, not only in stimulating the […]