Lemna plants growing in liquid culture Lemna, an aquatic plant to transform livestock farming residues into protein-rich biomass 16.02.2021

Duckweed varieties able to absorb nutrients of animal manure wastewater and capable of producing high-quality biomass have been identified by CNB researchersThe duckweed Lemna is the basis for the first semi-industrial pilot plant in Europe recovering nutrients of porcine residues, enabling easy re-use in the area of originThe project constitutes a perfect example of an […]

Dry Maize Plants A discovery aimed at alleviating famine 04.07.2019

Research team led by CRAG researcher Ana Caño-Delgado obtains plants resistant to water scarcityA modification of the steroid hormone signalling enables to obtain a drought resistant plant without affecting plant growthResearchers work to translate this advance to cereals and horticultural species Drought and its impact Extreme drought episodes and heatwaves are among the effects of […]

CRAG and UB researchers find basic mechanisms for root growth and cell replenishment Basic mechanisms for root growth and cell replenishment 06.04.2018

Interdisciplinary collaboration between physics and molecular biology enabled researchers to solve fundamental doubts on plant root growth.These findings provide opportunities to create more drought-resistant plants, which is one of the most important problems in the current context of the climate change. Understanding the functioning of root biology is crucial to know how plants suffer or […]

Arabidopsis seedlings More than only photosynthesis: chloroplasts as plant growth regulators 09.02.2018

Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) Researchers at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) and the University of California, Berkeley, discover that under stress conditions, chloroplasts send signals to the cell nucleus to modify plant development. The discovery of this signalling influencing develoment, contributes to understand how endosymbiotic organelles (as mitochondria and chloroplasts) can change […]

Cereal agriculture Novel tools for safer and sustainable agriculture

Pioneering work on the role of the jasmonate signalling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana done by researcher Roberto Solano, from the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología of CSIC (CNB-CSIC), has yielded fundamental insights into how plants perceive changes in their environment and integrate stress signals with their internal developmental programs, to induce adaptive responses and survive in […]