Leading scientific associations and innovative companies demand to place R&D at the heart of our country’s strategy Leading scientific associations and innovative companies demand to place R&D at the heart of our country’s strategy 28.10.2020

The announcement is made in light of the recent approval of the preliminary draft of the Spanish government’s budget which announces an investment of more than five billion euros in scienceThe signatories demand a national pact that includes long-term strategies aimed at promoting frontier science and business innovationThe document aims to add and provide strategic […]

Ministry and SOMMa together First formal meeting between the Minister Pedro Duque and the alliance of Severo Ochoa centres and María de Maeztu units, SOMMa 15.02.2019

On past Monday, February the 11th, took place a formal meeting at the highest level between representatives of the ministry and the Severo Ochoa – María de Maeztu alliance (SOMMa). The gathering, that took place in the context of the visit of the Minister to the ALBA synchrotron, certified the first formal meeting between the […]

Group picture 100xCiencia.2 Research as a lever towards a knowledge-based economy – Conclusions from 100xCiencia.2 13.09.2018

100xCiencia.2 conclusions on knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) released on new position paperSOMMa institutions are active participants and generators of KTT, in collaboration with multiple collaborating actorsStability, investment and a supportive environment: requirements for successful KTT 100xCiencia is a forum where Severo Ochoa (SO) and María de Maeztu (MM) research centres and units gather, addressing […]

Edifice Berlaymont SOMMa releases a Position Paper contributing to the discussion on the future FP9 01.06.2018

FP9 will be yet another stepping-stone for Europe’s future as an innovation and economic growth polePublic consultations take place during the year 2018 to contribute to the design of the successor of H2020 Framework Programmes and Horizon 2020 The Framework Programmes (FPs) are funding plans created by the EU/EC to support research in the European […]

Industry sides with science Spain: Industry sides with science 09.05.2018

Business organizations, and associations connected to R+D+i express their support towards research, backing the petition of the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu alliance (SOMMa). SOMMa advocates in favour of the political class acting to clear the administrative problems currently affecting science in Spain.SOMMa and the organizations supporting this initiative represent close to 6,800 businesses, […]

SOMMa group picture Madrid SOMMa aims at promoting Spanish science of excellence and safeguarding its competitiveness 16.03.2018

On past Monday March the 12th, representatives of the SOMM alliance, together with the Spanish State Secretary for R+D+i, Carmen Vela, met in Madrid, at the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. There, SOMMa presented the website of the alliance as well as the document entitled “SOMMa Position Paper: Actions required to safeguarding science […]