Caretta caretta Western Mediterranean loggerhead turtle Plastic additives in muscle tissue of Western Mediterranean Sea turtles 27.07.2021

Chemical additives associated with plastics are detected for the first time accumulated in the muscles of loggerhead turtles in the Catalan and Balearic coasts.The concentration levels of chemical additives found in the turtles are higher than in other species of marine animals, such as dolphins and whales.This study shows that plastic pollution goes beyond the […]

Solar and wind energy A necessary development for the future of mobility and green energy 15.04.2021

The project NanoBat aims at enhancing the industrial production and testing of batteries, with an expectedly large industrial impactThe NanoBat consortium is an international endeavour uniting 12 partners of 7 European countriesThe results are expected to impact on a market estimated to become as large as 250 billion Euro by the year 2025 The sustainable […]

Lemna plants growing in liquid culture Lemna, an aquatic plant to transform livestock farming residues into protein-rich biomass 16.02.2021

Duckweed varieties able to absorb nutrients of animal manure wastewater and capable of producing high-quality biomass have been identified by CNB researchersThe duckweed Lemna is the basis for the first semi-industrial pilot plant in Europe recovering nutrients of porcine residues, enabling easy re-use in the area of originThe project constitutes a perfect example of an […]

Plant silhouette against the sunlight LICROX: €3 million and 3 years to convert CO₂ and sunlight into solar fuels 22.01.2021

The LICROX Project ambitions to make a key contribution towards EU climate neutrality in 2050 via the creation of an efficient artificial photosynthesis system.One of the challenges of the project works is the development of enhanced photoelectrochemical cells that improve upon existing systems.The impact areas of LICROX include clean power generation and the generation of […]