Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM)

A Severo Ochoa center since 2020

The Institut de Ciències del Mar (Institute of Marine Sciences, ICM) of Barcelona, a CSIC research center, is the largest multidisciplinary marine science hub in Spain, with a leading role in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Under the motto “Ocean Science for a Healthy Planet,” ICM conducts frontier research and fosters both knowledge and technology transfer on topics related to three global challenges: ocean and climate interactions, conservation and sustainability of marine life and ecosystems, and impact mitigation of natural and anthropogenic hazards. Through in-depth knowledge, determined and collaborative action, and coordinated management, ICM is firmly committed to work with and for society towards a sustainable and harmonic planet Earth.

Our goal is to develop research excellence with social commitment, to inspire a society in harmony with the blue planet, in line with the values of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). In this framework, in 2021 we received the endorsement of the United Nations to launch the Ocean Cities programme, an international network of 26 entities from all over the world, such as scientific bodies, ministries, city councils, city networks and artistic organisations, that will work together to change the way citizens interact with the oceans.

At the ICM, we are committed with the dissemination and communication of marine science, so that citizens and researchers together can build the future we want for our oceans.

Key Facts of Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM)

89% Q1 Publications
Percentage or publications in first quartile journals in 2020. Highest Nature Index in marine research in Southern Europe
46 H2020 projects
Number of projects developed within the European programme Horizon 2020
21 New postdoc researchers
New postdoc researchers
Number of incoming postdocs researchers through competitive calls in 2021
15000 People reached
Public attending to outreach, citizen science and engagement actions in 2020
The Severo Ochoa distinction is the result of a collective process aimed at analyzing ourselves in the present and recognizing what we want to be in the future. We believe it is the best possible expression of our collaborative and transversal vision of what science should be.
Josep Lluís Pelegrí
Director at ICM