Person looking eye close-up Resuscitating eyes to speed up clinical research in vision impairment 04.06.2021

An international consortium of researchers from five countries proposes a new method to bring eyes back to life for experimental purposesThe project has been awarded a sum of over 3.5 million euros to develop a device that will keep donor eyes alive for close to 15 times longer than is currently possibleThis development is expected […]

Brain tissue infected with Acanthamoeba A new national platform for biobanks and biomodels 29.04.2021

The newly created National Platform of Biobanks and Biomodels was launched via the ISCII Platforms schemeThe Platform will coordinate the supply and generation of organoids and models, to the benefit of the biomedicine and life sciences communityThe coordination of this new Platform was granted to the researcher Núria Montserrat, of the IBEC, for a period […]

Priority restoration sites World map Restoring 30% of the World’s Ecosystems in Priority Areas Could Stave Off More than 70% of Projected Extinctions 26.02.2021

A report in Nature involving ICTA-UAB demonstrates that restoring 30 % of World ecosystems would allow to absorb nearly half of the carbon built up in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.The report is the first of its kind to pinpoint the ecosystems that should be restored for the biggest climate and biodiversity benefits at the lowest […]

Lemna plants growing in liquid culture Lemna, an aquatic plant to transform livestock farming residues into protein-rich biomass 16.02.2021

Duckweed varieties able to absorb nutrients of animal manure wastewater and capable of producing high-quality biomass have been identified by CNB researchersThe duckweed Lemna is the basis for the first semi-industrial pilot plant in Europe recovering nutrients of porcine residues, enabling easy re-use in the area of originThe project constitutes a perfect example of an […]

A fly on yellow flowers Basement membranes, cell matrices and the nidogen protein 01.04.2019

A Chinese-Spanish collaboration led by Lola Martin-Bermudo revealed the role of the nidogen protein in DrosophilaThe work details the effect of the loss of function of the domains of nidogen in different tissues and various stages of developmentThe findings challenge previously held ideas in the field of development and morphogenesis Every tissue of the human […]

Genetrix Headquarters in Madrid Multi-million Euro sale deal with Takeda – the story of Genetrix 29.06.2018

CNB pioneered in Spain the biomedical public-private partnership with the foundation of its Department of Immunology and Oncology (DIO)Genetrix, a Spin-off started at the DIO, 18 years after its foundation lands its largest successTigenix, a company born from Genetrix subsidiaries and external partners, sold for over 500 million Euro Genetrix: a successful umbrella business strategy […]