SOMMa impulsa el debate en la reforma de la evaluación de la investigación 17.05.2023

Más de 80  representantes de la Alianza de Excelencia de Centros Severo Ochoa y Unidades María de Maeztu (SOMMa) se han reunido en Bilbao para analizar las últimas tendencias en la evaluación de la investigación científica. Bilbao, 17 de mayo – la investigación en ciencia tiene un impacto directo en la sociedad y en la […]

Jornada SOMMa 10º Aniversario DORA 11.05.2023

La investigación en ciencia tiene un impacto directo en la sociedad y en la competitividad de nuestra economía. Desde hace algunos años existe un debate global en la comunidad científica que reclama la necesidad de mejorar los sistemas de evaluación de los resultados de la producción científica de forma precisa y sensata. Con motivo del […]

IFT YouTube channel Physics and YouTube: a beacon for the convergence of science and citizens 09.07.2021

The IFT Youtube channel has received, as of 2021, up to three awards acknowledging its success and impact as a physics dissemination initiative. The initiative ‘IFT Responde’ has become an integral tool for reaching out to citizens, allowing them ask questions and in that way participate of the decision process for new video creation.IFT co-organised […]

Female Entrepreneur II Event on Gender Equality of the SOMM alliance 01.06.2021

On May the 26th took place the second event on Gender Equality of the SOMM alliance, organized by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences for the SOMMa community.International expert Donna Ginther gave her conference  “Women and STEM: Are Differences in Education and Career due to Stereotypes, Interest or Family?” as the central part of the event.María […]

Group picture GENDER BALANCE Event SOMMa SOMMa 1st meeting on gender equality policy 31.10.2019

Directors of SOMMa Centres discussed at the CNIO best practices in gender equality to attain a culture change allowing to integrate gender equality into strategic science decisionsGender equality expert Cheryl Smythe discussed the gender policies implemented at the Babraham Institute to obtain the Athena SWAN Charter: a UK recognition to best practices for gender equality, […]

DTIC-UPF SOMMa Open Science Day – a day of exchange about science openness 16.05.2019

The SOMMa Open Day took place at DTIC-UPF, co-organised with BCAM BilbaoDozens of professionals meet in a day of sharing about Open ScienceThe SOMMa working group in Open Science grows and starts planning future actions SOMMa and Open Science Opening science is one way to make it more accessible as well as more collaborative. It […]

Amaia Abanda promoting STEM in young girls INSPIRA project to promote STEM education among young girls 22.06.2018

BCAM supports the INSPIRA project to promote STEM education among young girls   Amaia Abanda, a researcher from the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, collaborates as a mentor in this initiative promoted by the University of Deusto The number of students that choose scientific or technological studies is dropping every year, with a decrease that […]

The Big Bell Test The Big Bell Test 16.04.2018

•On November 30th 2016, more than 100,000 people participated in the BIG Bell Test, a global experiment to test the laws of quantum physics. •Participants were able to complete more than half a million levels of the video game that generated more than 90 million bits, a number that tripled the initial expectations of the […]